3-D Business Accelerator Announces its Partnership With Visual Evidence Corporation

3-D Business Accelerator Partners with Visual Evidence Corporation to Support VE’s Tremendous Growth In Demonstrative Evidence & Trial Graphic Services

Canton, Ohio – December 11, 2014 – 3-D Business Accelerator, an entrepreneurial resource center, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Visual Evidence Corporation, a demonstrative evidence, and trial services provider.

This partnership will focus on joint development efforts that will help generate innovative ideas and support the tremendous growth at Visual Evidence. The support of 3-D Business Accelerator will allow Visual Evidence to focus on what they do best: provide world-class trial services for litigation professionals. 3-D Business Accelerator will assist Visual Evidence with their expert business consultants, financial resources, marketing, and technology solutions to assist with future growth and business development.

Manfred Troibner, President – Visual Evidence Corporation: “In today’s business environment this is the perfect time for Visual Evidence to partner with Bernie, his company and the expertise they provide. Due to our company’s steadily increasing growth, and the need to manage that growth, we recognize that our partnership with 3-D Business Accelerator will allow us to deliver services that are of the greatest benefit to our company, our loyal and talented staff and the clients we have served for the past 27 years.”

Bernie DeWees, CEO – 3-D Business Accelerator: “We look for opportunities where we can make a difference by adding our expertise and resources to the existing team. Therefore the team must have great character, possess a work ethic that matches ours, and know their industry and offerings. We found these qualities in Visual Evidence and look forward to supporting their efforts and growing the business for all stakeholders.”


About Visual Evidence Corporation:
Visual Evidence is a full-service demonstrative evidence company that creates visual aids to help illustrate cases in the courtroom and at pre-trial meetings. They are the region’s recognized leader in delivering innovative demonstrative evidence solutions for litigators in areas such as medical malpractice, white collar crime, toxic tort, antitrust, personal injury, wrongful death, commercial construction, intellectual property, patent, excessive force and business cases.

About 3-D Business Accelerator:
3-D Business Accelerator is an entrepreneurial resource center customized to help develop and diversify all types of companies. 3-D Business Accelerator has a team of subject matter experts with a proven track record that can help a company overcome any obstacle holding them back. They help businesses grow through management consulting, acquisitions and divestitures, business coaching, operational improvement, organizational structure, marketing solutions, technology solutions and business development.