Angry Barbeque Joins 3-D Business Accelerator

CANTON, OHIO (April 18, 2014) – 3-D Business Accelerator, an entrepreneurial resource center, has adopted Angry Barbeque, a one-year-old barbecue restaurant in Canton.

3-D Business Accelerator is proud to be working with Angry Barbeque, as start-ups can benefit from a partner, coach and consultant to work alongside.

“What we look for in a business partner is someone who is enthusiastic about their business, has a great character, and willingness to learn and grow their business,” said Bernie DeWees, Founder and CEO of 3-D Business Accelerator. “We found that here and we are thrilled to be a part of the future success of Angry Barbeque.”

Angry Barbeque’s physical location is 4640 Belden Village Street NW in Canton, next door to 3-D Business Accelerator.

Since its inception, Angry Barbeque is focused on growing its catering business. They have catered events from weddings and graduation parties, to small and large corporate events, including the Canton Charge.